Sick of water leakages at home? Bust the source today!

Sick of water leakages at home? Bust the source today!

Leaking water is serious! Ignoring it can be devastating on yourinterior décor, can shake your building’s foundation and can rust your metals and puff up your woods! Knowing the susceptible inconveniences that you’ll have to face because of leaking water from anywhere in the house, it’s extremely essential to stay cautious about the problem and prevent it at any cost!

But this is easier said than done! No matter how much you try, water leaks and never stops! A centimetre of crack or trickle, and you’ll soon see it grow manifold and flood, if you don’t call for an emergency plumbing service immediately. Ausbuilt Group comes at your help under such crucial circumstances 24/7, and saves you all the future trouble that could be caused by it with their experience and expertise.

Inquire about the reasons behind water leakages!

In any kind of household, leaking water (and plumbing issue) is a common story! Controlling it immediately is essential — but to achieve that, inquiring about the source is crucial too. Check below some of the reasons which could lead to water leakages in your house, and try your best to repair or prevent:

  • Poor installation technique — Did you check your plumbing fixtures well while your plumber was installing them? Probably not! This may be the biggest cause of water leakages in the near future.
  • Frozen pipes — Did you start finding those water marks on the wall just after winters? Well, it may be because the pipe that was frozen during cold weather wasn’t thawed properly, and that is what  made the pipeline crack later due to the pressure of ice.
  • Root intrusion—Most of the times you see the pipelines being rooted down to your backyard, inside the earth! But there are plants growing their roots in there too. They invade your pipelines and often break those, causing severe leaks across the yard or deck.
  • Leaky fixtures or appliances— Sometimes the pipelines under the ground and above it are totally fine. But the problem stays in the fixtures. A leaky toilet, tap or a heater is enough to cause leakages on the walls or in the bathroom too.
  • Pipe corrosion — If your home hasn’t seen a repair lately, the leakages are mostly due to pipe corrosion. The pipes age with time — leading to rusting, cracking or simply wearing down, causing leakages across the entire building.
  • Excess water pressure — Too much water pressure is enough to stress your system and make it go haywire! Result — leaks from the roots of the pipes or the fixtures!
  • Damaged pipes joints — We know pipelines are joint at certain angles and curves! Once these joints are damaged, you’ll see a visible water wastage and even leakage in your home!
  • Untreated clogs — The most hateful kind of leak that you wouldn’t want to witness at any cost are those caused by the clogged drains (making their way through the walls). This means not only dark patches on walls, but also severe odour in the entire property.

These are some of the most common causes of water leakages in your home! If you want to save a large expense and lots of trouble, treat them immediately by calling the best plumber! If this is delayed, get ready to face an ugly line or patch in your home that may endanger its entire structure!