Smiles and Giggles – How to Throw an Epic Birthday Party for your Kids?

Smiles and Giggles – How to Throw an Epic Birthday Party for your Kids?

Our kids make our lives meaningful, and we always try our best to make their special days super-memorable for them – and when it comes to celebrating their birthdays, we surely stretch ourselves.

Even if parents hire an event-planning expert, the tasks seem to be never-ending. So, to avoid any last minute interruptions, use these following tips to throw an epic birthday party for your kids.

Tips for throwing an epic birthday party for your kids

1. Plan your budget

One of the most practical tips which will keep you sane through the process while giving the best experience to the child is planning. 

Before you get over boarded with the idea of throwing the perfect party that you have always dreamt of with bouncing castle hire Auckland, phot-stalls, and gala menu, take a deep breath and think from the child’s perspective. It makes no sense in investing time and money on things which your kid will not even understand, forget about cherishing. 

And, most importantly to save on extra cost, plan things well in advance – first being, booking the venue, if it’s not a house party.

2. Have a theme

It is the crux of an awesome birthday party. Deciding on the ideal theme is not an easy job, but take your kid’s help as he probably has more ideas than you. 

If your kid is too young to participate in discussions, think of his favorite cartoon character, and plan everything starting from the décor to the cake in that theme. 

3. Have a game zone

Kids across age love activities and if you can arrange an outdoor party, make sure that you keep a specific game zone. You need not make it too expensive; simply install a jumping castle hire Auckland in your backyards and see the difference in the party’s mood. It works wonders, and kids of all age can play on it. 

Do not bother if you run short of space; these people have arrangements for indoor activities too.

4. Guest list and invitation

Send out invitations early to ensure that most of your guests can make it to the party. You need not invest too much of time and effort on the cards, instead can keep it simple, with a personal touch. Mention the venue and time explicitly.

Are you planning the party with all sorts of guests such as the grandparents and kids, or have you kept different time slots for adults and kids? Keeping the theme same, you need to work on other aspects. First, adults need more space to sit and chat while kids need more space to play around. Second, kids menu should be more kid-centric and finger foods, while the adult menu should be more elaborate.

5. Be flexible

Kids are the most unpredictable human beings, but you still handle them with a smile. Hold on to the smile on that day, too, as all the factors are not always in your control. The bouncing rental company might not reach on time, the performer might get delayed, or your child might deny playing with other kids! Keep calm and let things flow without being overwhelmed. 

You always want to plan a perfect party and execute it in the best manner, so any hindrance tends to disturb you. However, remember that it’s a special day for your child; look around and see the happy faces of kids – your stress will inevitably evaporate.

6. Goody bags

It may be your kid’s birthday party, but the other kids who see your child being showered with gifts, feel special when they too get a goody bag.

Fortunately, kids really do not care what’s in the bags — they are mostly happy to get something! So, don’t go crazy (or broke) trying to buy T-shirts, or bags, or other expensive items. Just buy a box of small goodies like chocolates, sidewalk chalk, colours, put them in a colourful bag and tie each bags with a bright ribbon. 

See if you can get small gifts which go with the birthday theme, it just may as simple as using a specific colour or some particular stickers.