Solar Energy 101: All About Solar Energy

Solar Energy 101: All About Solar Energy

Solar energy is on the rise and seeing solar panels on homes is becoming more common. What once was something of the future, has become commonplace in the American neighborhood.

And it is for a good reason. Solar energy is the way of the future. But what exactly is solar energy?

Here is our quick rundown on understanding solar energy.

What Is Solar Power?

Solar energy 101 starts with understanding what solar power is in the first place.

Solar power is the energy that is formed from the sun’s rays. These rays are then converted from energy into electricity through a process known as the photovoltaic effect.

This electricity can then be used to help power your home through a piece of equipment that uses electricity.

What Are the Main Components of a Solar Energy System?

Most systems only require three separate pieces to start hooking up a solar energy system. The solar panels, the racks to hold the solar panels, and the inverter.

The solar panels are used to capture the raw energy from the sun but do not convert it. That is what the inverter is for.

The inverter is used to convert that raw energy into electricity that your household can use. They are also responsible for converting the electricity from direct current to alternating current.

Most houses run off of alternating current, which is why this is required. Direct current can end up frying appliances and other electric equipment.

How Does Solar Power Save Money?

Solar panels work to help bring down your electric bill. One of the most unknown facts about solar energy is that it does not mean you do not receive an electric bill. But rather you are offsetting the cost of the electric bill.

You are supplying your own electricity for your house, rather than using the electric company’s electricity. You can not disconnect yourself from them, so a lot of times you get a bill of $0, rather than having to pay anything.

Savings on solar energy depends on the state that you live in and the incentives provided.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Because of their upfront costs, people are often worried about the lifespan of the solar panels. If this is a worry for you, then you’re in luck because solar panels are often rated to last 25 years in most cases.

It is often the inverters that have a shorter lifespan because of their hard work converting energy into direct current and then direct current into alternating current. Inverters are still often rated to last at least 10 years.

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Solar Energy: The Energy of Tomorrow Is Here

Solar energy is only going to continue to rise in popularity. The lowering costs of solar panels and installation will soon have most neighborhoods featuring solar panels on every house. The future of renewable energy is here and ready for consumer use.

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