Solid Streetwear Wardrobe: How To Make One?

Solid Streetwear Wardrobe: How To Make One?

Streetwear has started to be considered as the cornerstone of fashion. No matter if you have the appropriate dress for all occasions and thinks you can easily pull off a street look, you need to convince yourself that it is not the same here anymore. With the emerging trend of world-famous designers now inculcating street looks into celebrity wardrobes, you have to start creating your own style for the streets. Here are some ideas for a solid streetwear wardrobe. 

  1. Keep some classic blue

Blue is the ultimate color to match with whenever and wherever you step out. Keep a nice pair of jeans. It can be top or bottom. Either way, make sure the color adapts well with any other color and looks neat and with a slim cut. Blue is the main color in streetwear. The piece should be suitable for everything else you are planning to mix it with. They bring superior quality and durability to the look. Now you know how important it is to have blue jeans if you want to step into the solid streetwear game. 

  1. Loungewear

Try loungewear paired with neat sneakers and cropped pant that shows some ankle skin. It has now become a great way to step out. Make sure whatever you are putting together is crisp and trending. Do not go for clothes you used while binge watching shows on your couch. The style statement here needs to have an impact on the onlookers. Remember streetwear is a deliberate style. You cannot just wing it. 

  1. Army outerwears 

One style that never stops trending is the military inspired collection. In New Zealand streetwear this is a recurring style which never gets old. The army printed bomber jacket over sweats with loose pants and rolled up ankles can pretty much make an amazing outfit for your occasional street looks. You can go for a full army jacket with some unique single-piece design on the chest or rugged pants with army print can always turn heads when you hit the streets. 

  1. Sweats

You cannot always go for proper jeans or chinos all the time because it can be limiting. Go for sweats and track pants to ease you up to a little on long days roaming in the streets. This is more comfortable and even a status symbol for much prestigious leisurewear. You can easily pick up cool sweats in your trusted sports store for making a statement. In the matter of color choose shades like black or heather grey. 

  1. Printed tees

Since the early 80s when graphic tees started coming to the market, it was adopted by streetwear wardrobe. A classic printed t-shirt can look good for any type of street as they were such cool pieces to have no matter what age you are at. There are many with graphittis and punk references to bring out the street vibes. Go for a designer t-shirt to blend with the urban culture. 

  1. The hoodie 

The hoodie is one thing that has been on the streets for a very long time. It was adopted by almost all the rappers and the style can be added with sneakers for a better and appealing look. Stay away from unkempt and old hoodies. They come with good quality and bold graphics. Hoodies are the most comfortable and often seen streetwear of all times. 

  1. Have some killer shoes

To complete the look you need some cool sneakers. Surf and skate style sneakers are commonly seen on the streets. Even boat shoes and cut shoes go with street style. Kicks style is going from basketball to tennis and now running style shoes are leading in sneakers. You can go for a cool pair of adidas NMD model or any of those which now have international instant sell-outs. Start with trainers and slowly step-up with decent running shoes and then maybe boots. They will never disappoint you if you want to be the top in street style fashion.