Some essential home renovation design tips

Some essential home renovation design tips

Great design is the key to a successful renovation. A well-designed renovation will improve the functionality of your house, increase your enjoyment and provide a great return on investment. It would be best if you combined practicality and harmony to create a welcoming, comfortable space that is beautiful and functional.

Every project is different, but there are key points to remember when speaking with your general contractor in Westchester about your home improvement project. These are some ideas to consider when planning your project.


Describe and communicate your style to the contractor from the beginning. Do you prefer a French country style or a more traditional style? You can also communicate your preferences if you don’t have a preference for a style. A portfolio of products, designs and materials you like may be useful with samples, photos, brochures, etc. So you can communicate to your contractor what you want. This will allow your contractor to understand your taste and style better. Many contractors will refer you to a professional designer to help you envision your home.

Room size

When your contractor creates a new space or room, it is important to remember that it may look different in real life than on paper. When resizing a space, remember how big the furniture will be.

Traffic flow

When renovating practical and functional spaces, it is important to consider traffic flow. Consider how your family moves around your home. Is there a high-traffic area that may require more space? Is there dead space that nobody uses? For a home that functions well, communicate traffic flow with your contractor.


A lighting plan may be required depending on the size and scope of your renovation. Lighting can have a significant impact on the mood and ambiance of a room. It also influences the colour scheme and décor. Discuss with your contractor which lighting types should be used for your project.

Small structural changes

While your contractor will be able to manage large structural changes, you might like to give input on small items such as doors, fireplaces and windows. Your new space will need windows that allow in natural light. Is it possible to have a separate entrance? Are you interested in a fireplace? Do you want a fireplace to be the centrepiece of your room? Before you start, discuss these details with your contractor.

Remember to consider style, function, and location when remodelling your home. An interior designer may be a good option to assist you in designing your space.