Stair Safety —tips to Make Your Stairs Safer for Your Family!

Stair Safety —tips to Make Your Stairs Safer for Your Family!

 Safer stairs mean safer home! The staircase area in our property is a medium for commuting around the place by everyone – it is a design element that connects two or more different spaces. We can never deny the importance of stairs in our house. These steps face a lot of traffic almost all day long. But safety around them is something that sometimes skips our mind – although it definitely shouldn’t. With the amount of convenience staircases guarantee, and the degree of danger they can pose, it is extremely essential that you plan safety features around the staircases.

When you have got senior members in your house or kids on board, these stairs can often prove to be hazardous.  Also, if you use this staircase frequently, you too may be prone to slips and accidents. There have been millions of cases reported wherein a patient has been in a critical condition or even died after a nasty fall from the stairs, and the resulting injuries caused by the fall. This calls for the need of providing all the appropriate safety measures around your staircase like stair carpet runner in UK  proper handrails, etc which can prove beneficial in providing at least a little safety against these serious mishaps. 

Safety precautions to be taken for safer staircase!

Keeping the stairs as safe as a mother’s lap is slightly difficult. But at least some measures can be taken to make it a little more comfortable, a little safer. Below are some of those steps that can be taken for better staircase safety and avoid any kind of harsh accidents:

 Decide about it — Spiral or straight staircase — If you have a house that has a spiral staircase, opt out of this; and if possible, build a straight one. For a home with kids and elderly people, a spiral staircase can be a little too tricky. Even for people having health issues like dizziness, height phobia or pregnant women, a spiral type of staircase can be a cause of extreme nauseated feeling, and they can even pass out while climbing or coming down from the stairs. Thus, if possible, try changing the pattern of the stairs to straight ones (rather than having it in a curved form) for better stair safety.

 Put up those Perfect cover for the stairs — Any type of stairs, be it wooden or marble, tends to get slippery when there’s even a slight humidity in the house. And if something falls on it and it gets wet, the stairs can actually turn into a slide, and you may go gliding down and have a nasty fall with serious injuries. Therefore, covering it does the trick. Go for carpet for stairs and landing from Clever Carpets who design and install the best carpets in beautiful colours and patterns just perfect for your stairs. These carpets not only protect you from falling off losing your balance on the stairs, but also protect your stairs from early wear as well. A firmly covered staircase also helps in balancing your foot well on the stairs, thus preventing some unfortunate accident.

The much needed — Installation of handrails — Often staircases do have a handrail and banister, but it’s always on a single side.  While for senior people at home or kids who can be unsteady while climbing the stairs, handrails on both sides add some additional support. If your staircases don’t have a handrail at all, install one. If it’s on one side, it’s better to make it on the other side too for better support. Also, choose the ones which are easy to hold and sturdy, and at a standard size that makes it easy and reachable for all. Ensure that the bars are well secured to the wall at a proper elbow height to grant the best support. But don’t forget to check if it can hold a person’s body weight without coming off.

Get those Stair lights — Stair lights are again a great way to improve the safety on the stairs. This helps you and your family members get a clear vision of the steps and avoid any mishaps due to negligence. It’s always better to install some lights exactly above the staircase area for clear and brighter view, but nowadays there are people putting it on the stairs too as concealed connections, for an attractive look and better security. 

Apart from these, you should also keep checking that there are no lumps formed on the stair covers after some time which can cause a hindrance and cause an accident. Also, keeping a check that the handrails don’t become slippery too because of moisture is important. When you consider checking all these points well, your staircase would be safer and secure and easy to use space for one and all in the family.