Why is My Tenant Not Happy and Renting Out of the Property?

Why is My Tenant Not Happy and Renting Out of the Property?

Fed up, disturbed or frustrated? We know you’ll be feeling all these when another tenant moves out of your property before the lease period is over! Though the matter can be solved easily by following all the legal procedures and through mutual understanding, this often leaves you wondering — why is it happening too often? Surely you want an answer to this question.

The Most Common Reasons for Tenants Moving Out Before the End of the Lease Period! 

Firstly, if you are always busy arranging for new agreements of lease and dissolving them when the tenant decides to move before time, then you need to seriously think of hiring a property manager in Tauranga, At Home Property Management shall deal with all the legal formularies of renting the place, managing the same and also check the issues in the house (if any) for you. Thus, your property stays in good hands and you just need to focus on the benefits you get from it. Now you can focus to find why the tenancies in your property are short-lived.

  • The apartment is too big or small — Most of the tenants vacate a place because they think the size of the apartment is either too small or too big for them. We know you’ll say that they did inspect the property before renting it, but sometimes they don’t understand this issue before experiencing it personally. Or maybe they just had a new partner or a baby, and their requirement changed! Or in some cases, one of them moved out and suddenly the space seemed too big!
  • They cannot afford the rent — Sometimes situations do change suddenly and people do lose their jobs and salaries. (Like the present pandemic did to many people!) That’s when the rent they initially agreed upon seems like a burden to them now and they need to downgrade.
  • Too many maintenance issues — Well, maybe your tenant rented the place after falling in love with its beauty and convenience. And what if the walls suddenly show dark patches of water leakage and the electrical lines tend to give out frequently due to it? Do you think your tenant will still enjoy staying in such a home? Or pay for maintenance and repairs?
  • Neighbourhood issues — There are tenants who are extremely peace-loving and don’t interfere in anyone’s business! But the same ones may get very frustrated when others do so in their business! Well, that’s when they think of moving out of the place entirely. Nosey and noisy neighbors are not welcome in many cases.

These are the most common problems that your tenant may be facing in your property and would want to move away from here. If you think these aren’t the ones, you can always ask them the reasons and try to improve the situation (if possible) as much as you can.