What Are the Documents Required for a Trademark Registration?

What Are the Documents Required for a Trademark Registration?

The term trademark, in reality, is nothing but a brand mark or basically a logo. It is extremely needed in order to make a difference between the real company objects and the once made falsely. Many a time, various fake companies make various product duplicates that actually belong to some well-known bigger businesses. This is mostly why customers need to be very careful so that they do not become the target of fraudulence. To escape that, customers need to find the trademark on the product packaging. That is basically the proof that the product you are purchasing is 100% original. For this, there are a few documents required for trademark registration by the businesses. 

Why Do Businesses Need A Trademark Registration?

Trademark registration is very essential for any business to get its name. Trademark registration can be acquired also for certain specific catchphrases as well as captions and taglines. It is the most invaluable business asset as it can be for promoting purposes for your business. The quality as the originality of the product is generally indicated by the trademark registration. 

By acquiring the trademark registrations, the original product business companies can protect the originality of their products. This way the other companies would not use their symbols or marks. These marks are thus protected under the rights of the Companies Act. Trademark Registration allows a company to have certain ownership over the company products. 

Documents needed for A Trademark Registration

It is not very difficult nowadays to apply for a trademark registration either by the Indian Government or by the Government of some other country. It is more or less an easy process that the business people can undergo while thinking of obtaining it. Some of the very essential documents required for trademark registration in order to obtain such ownership are given below:

  • A black and white copy of the business logo must be carried along. Often, the application of the trademark can be used in place of the logo copy.
  • A form-48 is a must that needs to be signed. It is basically the authorization form that comes from the applicant and is sent to the Trademark Attorney. The Attorney then files the application of trademark on the behalf of the applicant. 
  • The proprietor or the individual’s identity proof is very much required along with the other documents. 
  • Address proof is important to be carried along with the applicant as a trademark registration document. 

Process Involved During Trademark Registration

It takes almost three or four months by the Trademark Registration application to complete its process. The examining attorney who is involved in this entire process, who mostly reviews the applications that comes from the business initiators. This examination or review process is mostly to ensure if the logo or the trademark application provided is not a duplicate. It must also pass through all the technicalities that the application requires. 

After this reviewing process is completed, the application takes another 30 days to reach the period of its publication. This is so as to see if any common member or a member of any other company in any situation would be against your registration application. Once this process is completed, the application is then again sent back for a final review from the attorney. After everything, you receive through the mail, a certificate of registration. 

There are many reasons why obtaining a trademark registration is so essential. The very first one and the most important one among them is that it notifies the public about the existence of your business trademark. There is also a nationwide recognition of your trademark.