This is how you can choose the perfect vaporizer for yourself

This is how you can choose the perfect vaporizer for yourself

If you are planning to get a vaporizer, you will not face a tough time because of the lack of choices. In fact, you will have a problem to choose the best from so many numbers of choices. There are a huge variety of vapes with different specifications to suit your best needs. Using vaporizers can be healthier and much safer than any other nicotine products. Vaporizing also does not release a bad or strong odor. The flavor is sweet and rich. The experience is also not harsh as well.

Even though vaping can feel complicated, it would be the best option which you can choose over any other form of tobacco intake. Apart from the health benefits of vaporizers, they can be huge money savers. They are just a one-time investment and you can get every penny’s worth of the vaporizer. If you want to have the best vaping experience, it is important to get the best vaporizer which suits your needs.

Let us take a look at all the things to keep in mind when purchasing a vaporizer:
  • Desktop or portable: this is the most obvious question when you have the idea of buying a vaporizer. Do you want to experience the vaporizer on the go or do you want to enjoy the experience sitting at your home? You can choose a desktop vaporizer if you have to work at home or if you are too lazy to go out. You can get the portable vaporizer if you want to experience along with the fresh outside air. The number of products will go halfway once you choose an option.
  • Vaping Material: you will then have to decide what material you are going to use in the vaporizer. Is it going to be dry herbs, resins, concentrates or e-liquids? Each type has its own pros and cons. It always depends on your personal preference. Canavape in UK manufactures the best CBD oil and e-liquids for vaporizers. All their products are THC free and they are tested in the UK-based lab before sales.

One of the leading competitors to them are the Natures Script’s hemp e-liquid. Hemp is the extract of CBD from the plant and is used excellently for medicinal purposes.

  1. Temperature: Different settings will be required based on the way you want to vape. Some of the vaporizers will automatically reach the optimum temperature whereas some of the vaporizers need a specific temperature to get the herbs lit. Based on your previous choices, it will be easier for you to choose the most optimum vaporizer.
  2. Budget: This has got to be one of the key factors when buying a vaporizer. The money each and every person wants to spend on a vaporizer can be totally different. You can choose an extremely expensive vaporizer or settle yourself with a pen vape. It is also really important to read the reviews and the rating before buying a vaporizer.
  3. Batteries: There are vaporizers which use rechargeable batteries whereas there are other vaporizers which have replaceable batteries. Rechargeable batteries tend to be a tad bit expensive when compared to replaceable batteries.
  4. Convection vs conduction: There are two types of heating techniques when it comes to vaporizers. It is done either by conduction or convection. Each type has its pros and cons and it is better to know about the mechanism before going to buy them.
    • Conduction: Most of the lower priced vaporizers use conduction process. In this process, the herb touches the heating element directly. Because of that, your herb tends to turn brown. Some of the poorly designed vaporizers might even burn the vaporizer. Conduction heat is direct burning of the vaporizing liquid without any contact between the coils and the bud.
    • Convection: Most of the expensive vaporizers use convection as a method to generate heat. In this method, the air around the herb tends to heat up. By using this method, the smoke is much smoother when compared to conduction. This can be inhaled with less irritability and reduced coughing.