Top 10 Wheel Alignment Tips For Technicians

Top 10 Wheel Alignment Tips For Technicians

Always perform pre-alignment inspection:

We are reputed workshop machinery manufacturers and recommend pre-aligning inspections. It is important to conduct pre-alignment inspections in order to identify any errors after alignment, such as tyre pressure.

Reset steering position sensor:

To ensure that the stability control system functions smoothly, reset the steering position. Modern tools and equipment are required to calibrate the steering position sensors.

Do a complete alignment :

Do not leave any loopholes in the work. It is best to complete your alignment in a single session. You will waste your time and money if you skip steps.

All angles:

Many vehicle models have caster and camber that technicians cannot adjust. There are many front-wheel drive vehicles on the market that do not offer adjustment for camber or caster. Aftermarket alignment products can be used to align these non-adjustable suspensions.

Always set factory space :

It is not possible to use the same settings on all vehicles. There is no universal wheel alignment guideline. For front-wheel-drive vehicles, wheel alignment settings are different from those for rear-wheel-drive cars.

Compensation for Use :

Heavy loads can cause problems for vehicles that are not aligned when empty.

Align all wheels :

Expert technicians recommend aligning all four wheels. Many technicians didn’t have the necessary equipment to align all four wheels. Customers don’t want to spend more money. Rear wheel alignment is just as important as front wheel alignment in auckland.

Before the customer asks, check the alignment of the wheels:

Customers are more likely to purchase wheel alignment services from you if they can be checked and reported to them. To measure wheel alignments accurately and efficiently, use a high-end wheel alignment machine.

Test drive before delivery :

Before delivering the vehicle, make sure you test it out. If any problems are not addressed, the test could reveal them.