Top 5 Hints for Remaining Good Looking After the 50s

Top 5 Hints for Remaining Good Looking After the 50s

They say that fifty is the new forty. Are you feeling it? Or do you giggle shyly behind closed bathroom doors when you stare into a face that you don’t recognize anymore?

Get back on track with a few simple steps that are easy to follow and make a world of difference in how you look and feel every day past 50. It’s not only health insurance that keeps us going; there’s so much more to looking and feeling great.

If you’re like most women heading into their fifties, you’ve probably adjusted to life without the kids and the crazy schedules of taking care of everybody but yourself. 

It’s a part of the beauty of entering your fifties. You can start focusing on yourself for a change. Take on a new hobby. Find what makes you happy and pursue it. Nothing’s stopping you, and the results will be amazing. You’ll see.

So let’s dive right in.

Get a Professional Hair-Do

Hair is a woman’s crown, and we tend to neglect this part of our bodies. Yes, it’s easier to just DIY your way through supermarket dye kits and highlights. At a certain age, however, your hair will start reacting differently to coloring treatments, and it shows.

It’s a luxury that you can plan and budget for, making it super achievable and easy to maintain. Try keeping a set appointment at least once a month at a good hair salon close to your home. It doesn’t have to include constant coloring, but have your hair trimmed into a style that’s fit for a queen and maintain it.

If your hair is graying, have a one-off treatment and go completely grey. It’ll look and feel so much better having one tone to maintain than the constant battle between going grey or dying your roots every few weeks. It looks more elegant as well, so embrace it.

Eat More Raw Foods & Fill up With Water

Although a completely raw diet of vegetables and fruit isn’t the way to go, it does help with weight maintenance, digestion, and a healthy heart. Be careful not to go completely vegan all at once, as it can lead to malnutrition if not well planned. You’ll need to ensure that your diet still supplies the necessary daily dietary requirements of calories, calcium, and protein.

If you can, try to allocate a few days per week to following a vegetarian diet. It allows you to still fill up with protein like eggs and plenty of calcium from cheese and other dairy products. 

Your body needs a gallon of water a day. It’s the most overseen health tip by people of all ages and leads to dehydration, which shows in many ways. Moisture from the inside will show on the outside, and you’ll feel younger and less bloated when consuming the right amounts of H2O for your body weight.

Quit Smoking & Try Botox

There are very few guilty pleasures in life that ruin your health as much as smoking. It’s not only the internal damage that we can avoid; it’s written all over our faces when we’ve been at it too long.

Fortunately, there are many ways to quit this habit, and if you’re serious about looking good beyond your 50s, this is a step you’ll have to commit too. What about the lines it already left? Not to worry, there’s hope.

Invasive surgery is luckily not needed to erase some of the signs that many years of smoking has left behind. Botox has gotten an unfair rep, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll be in love with the face looking back at you from the mirror. When receiving Botox in small amounts, focusing on the areas with the most unnatural lines, it’s harmless and can take years off your appearance.

Get a Wardrobe Make-Over

It’s the fastest way of feeling like a million bucks again. The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. It’s time to pass down those bell bottoms, and crop tops to the grandkids, and invest in a few flattering slacks and flowing blouses.

No, you don’t have to look like you’re on your way to a nursing home. Invest in stylish and flowing outfits that flatter your body and make you feel brand new. Sticking to single colors are also much more flattering than wearing polka-dot jerseys over a striped skirt. 

If you can invest in one new and classy outfit per month, you’re well on your way to a wardrobe make-over that’ll take years off your look when stepping out.

Create Happiness

Yes, it sounds like a yoga chant, but it seriously takes years of a person’s face when you’re smiling. In a world where everybody is stressed and somber, be the ray of sunshine that stands out in a crowd. 

Look Younger as You Grow Older

So smile, make peace with your beautiful 50-something self, and tackle these few easy tips. You’ll never know just how amazing these golden years can be until you’ve given it a perfect go.