Top Tips to Savour Your Sundays

Top Tips to Savour Your Sundays

We all love Sundays! It’s that day of the week for which we wait with bated breath to arrive! For all the excitement, exploration or just lazy moments it contains, Sunday is fun! A day off from work is the best thing possible in the world, and we try our best to make the most of this day!

 While we all love to spend our Sundays happily, do you actually plan for that, or take things as they come?! Either we are too busy thinking of how we would be spending the day, and the day gets over! Or there’s a family party at one of the Private Function Venues in Auckland, and it may seem that your Sunday has gone in a jiffy. Don’t you think a pre-planning ensures you can fit in all that you want to do during the weekend?! It will help you make the most of your holiday and keep you fresh and rejuvenated for the whole week ahead!

 How Can you Spend Your Sunday Well?

Ok so we have got you planning already? Let’s have a look as to how you can make your weekend a lasting memory of joy for your week ahead! Let’s see if you can follow these guidelines and create the best off-day for yourself!

  •  Sleep Well: Sunday is for sleeping! We know how you run with time all through the week – naturally you need to catch up on your sleep. Most of us want to sleep for hours on a Sunday, and it’s natural. After spending a week worrying about schedules and deadlines, sleeping without worrying about them is quite a boon. You are allowed to sleep to your heart’s content – that one day when you can wake up when you want, and not because the alarm went off.
  • Don’t be a Log: Though you are allowed to sleep for extended hours, don’t overdo it. Make sure you’re not turning into a log and spending your off day just dreaming about the things you would be doing on this day. (And by the time you wake up, the day is already over!) That way you would feel bad about all the things you wanted to do, but never could manage! This would bring forth one whole week of pining till the next Sunday comes!
  • Brunch Well: On Sundays even breakfasts go on a leave! They leave us alone with our lunch, sending some of the love in terms of tea, coffee and omelettes! That’s what we enjoy on Sundays, it’s our brunch day! Call up your buddies, visit an excellent restaurant serving the best brunch in town and start your Sunday with a bang! If you think you are simply famished after those hours of sleep and procrastination, try the best bottomless brunch in Auckland at Tom-Tom Bar and Eatery. Hog like a bear, and maybe you can hibernate again (read: afternoon nap)!
  • Sports or Adventure: With all that food, you need some exercise! Go on for a fun adventure with your buddies or indulge in a common hobby that you share. It may be a session of table tennis or a thrilling experience of surfing, enjoy the game and spend a fun afternoon laughing and playing just like a kid does!
  • Nurture your Hobbies: Your hobbies have taken a backseat in the mad rush for time? Sundays are a time to bring them to the forefront. Be it reading, singing, dancing, quilting or baking – some time stipulated to do what you love would surely make you feel happy and refreshed.
  • When Solitude is Bliss: Your Sunday missed the sunrise, but don’t let it miss the sunset. You surely miss watching it on working days because of the work (and related stress)! Enjoy leisure time glaring at the most beautiful view of the sun saying bye to you. You can catch the view from a park or even from your balcony. But be sure to spend some time quietly with yourself gazing at the beauty, taking in the serenity, calming your nerves.
  • Get Dressed: All those business suits and PJs during the week make you crave for letting your hair down? Flaunt your fashion sense and get dressed for the beautiful evening. As the Sunday prepares for its departure, give it a farewell in style!
  • Go for a  Movie: You surely can’t miss the dose of entertainment on your holiday! A good movie at the nearest multiplex and a charming partner (or a bunch of friends) beside you can make you marvel at the way you’re spending your weekend.
  • Catch Up on the Gossip: Nothing can be more rejuvenating than catching up with friends and family and exchanging news about each other’s life.
  • Dinner Plans: A quiet, cosy candlelight dinner at a great restaurant can be the perfect ending to your Sunday. Enjoy a delicious dose of scrumptious food, and don’t forget that post-dinner walk, which would give you a chance to spend some more time together.

 Loved these Sunday plans, didn’t you? So why not start your work with vigour, and wish for the week to pass by quickly, so that the Sunday comes early, and you can spend it just the way you planned it!