Tricks to Gleaming Upvc Windows in a Matter of Minutes!

Tricks to Gleaming Upvc Windows in a Matter of Minutes!

Dirty windows are anything but inviting. It’s the dark patch on your space’s aesthetics that does turn out to be a total embarrassment in front of your visitors. And if you are looking out through it, obviously even the world looks blurred and untidy. Not to forget the dirt on your hand as you touch it.

The trouble is, no matter how hard you are cleaning your UPVC windows, they do have that smeary spot left on them somewhere or the other. And the edges turn pretty untidy and faded too. If you compare with your wooden panes, UPVC windows are comparatively difficult to clean because of the accumulated dirt getting stuck to its frames. And this turns out to be more visible even from afar.

Helpful guide for easy and thorough UPVC window and frames cleaning! 

No doubt UPVC is the best choice for windows around the globe because of it being a cost-effective option that lasts for years. They even look charming and come with varied colour options that can match your interiors well. But the only problem is — it gets visibly dirty really fast. Especially, the white frames. And getting it back to its original pristine look does require a handsome amount of effort and time. But, we have got some helpful tips through which your windows can actually get cleaned easily and shine afresh just like a new one.

  • Clean on a non-sunny day — Sun means heat and this leads to rapid evaporation of water! That’s how it affects your window cleaning too. As you’ll finish the mopping or washing of the window, the sunlight will dry it instantly leaving it streaky. Also, on a sunny day, you’ll be confused about the actual shine you get due to bright sunlight! So, a gloomy day is a better option to head out for this mission.
  • Remove dry dust and dirt — If stuck, dry dust and dirt would cause the window to look worse than before during the cleaning time, and may even lead to double the efforts. It’s therefore recommended to remove dry dirt and dust first with a vacuum cleaner or a brush, and then proceed for using the liquid cleaners.
  • Use a special, mild cleaning agent — However dirty your widows may look, never think of using bleach or high chemical-based detergent for cleaning. You may buy specially made UPVC cleaning liquid from Full Clean Centre to make your work easier. They clean the UPVC surface instantly. Also, these liquids don’t affect your original shine and colour of the frames at all.
  • Get the right equipment — There are lots of fabulous solutions available for better UPVC window cleaning. But, if you aren’t using the right equipment, you’re wasting a lot of time and energy. Get the right window cleaning blades and micro fibre cloths to wipe and clean perfectly!
  • Wash and wipe — It becomes pretty easier to wash the window when you use a good UPVC cleaning liquid, then dight with a wiping blade in the downward direction, and finally wipe the edges and the extra moisture with the mop! This three-step cycle leads to cleaner windows easily! 

Maintaining  UPVC windows isn’t a cake walk! But it’s not too tough either. With these handy tips, you’re going to have your windows always shining and attractive for years to come!