Vaping Essential Guide-beginner to Pro

Vaping Essential Guide-beginner to Pro

Vaping is inevitably a fun hobby and a widespread guilty pleasure of the Millenials. Like every other hobby, vaping also has its ups and downs. When you take vaping as a light hobby and keep it in check, you need not worry.  It takes a ton of practice to go from beginner to a pro vaper, and there are certain essential supplies that you need to have in spite of being a beginner or a pro. We will go through a list of such items in this article.


This item is probably the first that someone would by while venturing into the world of vaping. It is very sleek and compact and you can store it pretty much any place. Besides, they are easy to handle, and you can utilize them discretely. This adds a star to the privacy factor if you are someone who is not interested in explicitly showcasing the vaping habit. Pens are best-suited for novices. It also serves as a good alternative for huge vape boxes. They look sleek and are extremely simple to use. Some of the top vape pens in the market include the Kandypens special-K, Kanger K-pin, and Smok Resa stick.


Vape juice is the component that imparts the flavors to the smoke. This is one of the most significant supplies to have when jumping into vaping. E-fluid or vape juice use propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin base in which the nicotine and flavors are suspended. Propylene glycol does not have any smell or color, and you can breathe it in. It is thinner compared to vegetable glycerin and gives the perfect amount of hit to the throat that cigarette smokers like. It can carry the flavors more efficiently. However, the intensity might be a little too harsh for beginners. Vegetable glycerin is known for offering a smooth hit and includes a sweet undertone. VG base is thicker compared to the PG ones. Some of the best vape juice brands include Five pawns, Black note, and Halo Cigs.


Drip tips are small mouthpieces and are great accessories for beginners. Initially, you had to drip the juice into the tip. Modern vapes do not use this method, but the mouthpiece is still called drip tips. You can fix the drip tip adaptor towards the tip of the atomizer of your device, and you can straight away pour your juice without having to remove anything. You can find these small items in different shapes and sizes. The size of a drip tip varies according to the size of the vape box or pen you use. If you use a narrow tip, you will need to draw hard and suck the vapor, but it will give you a better hit. Wide tips are effortless to use and will offer a mild hit. Some of the best pieces of drip tips include Vandy vape-810 drip tip, Geekvape resin 810, 510 drip tip adapter from Resin Cobra.


Vape boxes or mods are best suited for experts since they are significant devices. It is best to use these if you are planning to spend a considerate amount of time on smoking. They have bigger tanks and more powerful batteries than the pens, and hence, you need not refill them over and over during a session. The powerful batteries will help you avoiding recharging often. If you are interested in doing ‘Cloud Chasing’ and other vape tricks, you should go for a box mod. Some of the top class boxes include Innokin Proton 235W, VooPoo Drag, SMOK Mag baby, and Vaporesso Revenger 220W.