Wedding Woes – 4 Common Last-Minute Wedding Dramas (And How To Fix Them)

Wedding Woes – 4 Common Last-Minute Wedding Dramas (And How To Fix Them)

Your wedding is one of the most special milestones of your life and a day that will be remembered by not just you and your partner, but everyone closest to you as well. To ensure your big day is crisis-free, read on to discover four of the most common last-minute problems that come up during weddings and how to gracefully dissolve each one!

1. Last-Minute Cancellations

Cancellations close to the wedding day tend to happen more when you hire an acquaintance or someone new to the industry to be your photographer, makeup artist, musician, or caterer. While hiring a professional with experience and good reviews is safer, it’s still not a guarantee as even the most seasoned professionals can succumb to illnesses and emergencies. 

So, keep a list of alternative contacts for every service you hire and have extra cash on hand should you need to find a replacement. Be mindful that last-minute services can be costly, so taking out fast cash loans from a reputable lender may be worth considering in the lead up to your wedding.

2. The Wedding Day Zit 

The idea of a massive, visible pimple popping up to say hello on the day of your wedding may seem laughable… until it happens to you! The reality is, wedding day breakouts happen more commonly than you might think due to the disruption of your routine, wedding stress, and even reactions to new makeup. 

In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consistent skincare routine, to prevent a breakout, hire your makeup artist as early as possible. This way, you can try different makeup products well in advance of your wedding to ensure your skin doesn’t negatively react to anything. In the months leading up to the big day, do not try any new products. If you do all this and still find yourself staring at an unwelcome visitor on your face the morning of your wedding, relax and remember that your makeup artist will be able to cover it!

3. Horrible Weather 

No matter how confident you are in the weather forecast, you need to plan your wedding around all possible climatic conditions. If a surprise storm happens during your outdoor, summer wedding, there’s no way around it. You don’t need to go to extremes and pick a venue that could double as a bomb shelter. Instead, ensure that you have enough shelter or adequate covers on-hand if your wedding is outdoors, and a space that is well-maintained and insulated to support a large wedding party size if it’s indoors. 

If a storm does hit on the day of your wedding, do not let it spoil your mood. In fact, some say that rain during a wedding is good luck as it symbolizes new beginnings and fertility.

4. Family Drama

Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! This is your day. Be grateful your loved ones came for you and do not get involved in any family arguments. If you are concerned, delegate the task of calming someone down to a family member you trust (like your bridesmaids or groomsmen), and let it go. Before the day, make sure you hire security as needed and that your wedding venue and bar areas are adequately staffed, so if there is any unwelcome behavior, it can be handled by the professionals. This day is about your happiness, and nobody willing to jeopardize that is worth your time. 

If you’re prepared for the worst, you can almost certainly expect the best. Keep all of the above tips in mind, and enjoy your journey to matrimony.