What Is an Ergonomic Chair? 5 Key Features

What Is an Ergonomic Chair? 5 Key Features

Did you know that up to 80 percent of Americans experience poor posture in the course of their lifetime? A variety of factors contribute to poor posture, but a huge one is our sedentary lifestyle in comparison to previous generations.

Ergonomic chairs can be a major help with correcting posture and improving overall health. What is an ergonomic chair? Here are some benefits of a chair that will change how you feel while at work.

  1. Adjustable

A hallmark feature of ergonomics is its adjustable features. With an ergonomic chair, you can customize many moving parts to fit your body. For example, you can adjust the height, headrest, and armrests. When you have a chair that conforms to your body, you are less likely to feel fatigued when sitting for long periods of time. After you get your ergonomic chair, make sure that everything adjusts to your specifications.

  1. Promotes Good Posture

When you build an ergonomic workspace, one of your main goals should be improving posture. Bad posture can lead to a litany of other health problems, so make sure that your ergonomic chair fits the curvature of your back. To get the ideal chair setup for good posture, you should sit with your legs at a 90-degree angle with your feet completely touching the floor.

  1. Arm Support

You may not think of arm support when you wonder, what are ergonomic features? However, armrests that promote healthy wrists are just as important as back and neck support when considering an ergonomic chair. Armrests should be flexible enough to support your elbows and pivot when needed. They are ideal for people who have broad or narrow shoulders.

  1. Tilts and Reclines

Sometimes you just need to lean back and relax while you are working. Tilting your chair back on a regular basis can actually help keep your back from stiffening by being in the same position for too long. For people who have chronic back pain, reclining your seat is essential to alleviate stress from the problem area. You can often adjust the tilt lock on your chair so it only tilts back to your preference.

  1. High-Quality Wheels

What are the benefits of ergonomics? It may surprise you to find that the wheels and casters on your chair can have a huge impact on how you function while sitting in your ergonomic chair. Softer wheels are more ideal for hardwood floors, as they will cause the least damage. If you work in a space with carpet, then you should use harder wheels that can push through the carpet and move more efficiently.

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

With this information, you will no need to wonder, what is an ergonomic chair? You can pick out the best ergonomic furniture for your office space and promote healthy habits while at work.

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