Why Indian Rosewood Guitars Are Preferred By Musicians

Why Indian Rosewood Guitars Are Preferred By Musicians

Music has its own language, and it creates a unique connection between the player and listener. String instruments are the most preferred musical instruments with Guitar ruling above them all. When it comes to deciding the sound and tune an acoustic guitar produces, the material with which it is manufactured is considered. Made up of fine woods every guitar generates a different sound. The wood and the craftsmanship of how the guitar is designed are the soul elements of a Guitar.

Rosewood Guitars

Rosewood Guitars is one of the favorite choices of players as they efficiently transmit bass tones and high notes, creating a solid impact on the listeners. They come in two varieties- Brazilian and East Indian Rosewood. For a beginner, it is difficult to identify which one of them is different from others, but an expert can recognize it in seconds when the strings play a chord. 

Electric guitars, on the other hand, can play both sounds when the strings and cords are placed right. Electric guitars can play jazz, pop, rock music or combine sounds to create a piece of fusion music that will amaze the audience. Fully integrated guitars come in varieties, with battery, iPhone dock, speakers, amplifiers that make them ready for a concert. All you need is to set the tuner, switch the tabs, adjust the chords, and you are all ready to play your favorite track.  However, there are still music enthusiasts who love the Classic wooden rosewood guitars and identifying the right type will help in choosing the perfect instrument.

Difference Between Brazilian Rosewood and Indian Rosewood

First of all Brazilian rosewood guitars are hard to get as there are strict regulations of CITES in their commercial use. So, if someone is fooling you, here are some tips that help to identify the right guitar.

  • Judge from the Appearance: A Brazilian rosewood guitar color is reddish with irregular patches, on the other hand, Indian rosewood guitar has a dark chocolate brown, purplish hue. Moreover, the Brazilian rosewood is sparkly while the Indian rosewood is thicker.
  • Wood Odour: Brazilian rosewood has a rose-like- scent. An Indian rosewood guitar has a less pleasant smell than Brazilian rosewood. 
  • The Pores: Well, this is not clearly visible by naked eyes, a Brazilian rosewood guitar has less density of pores compared to its Indian counterpart.
  • Sound: In the end, the most important thing for a guitarist is how the instrument sound. Well, the Brazilian rosewood guitar brings clarity to the music and produces bell-like tones in the bottom. Indian rosewood guitar project loud, bright bass tones. 

 Indian Rosewood Guitar

There are several factors why Indian Rosewood Guitar is preferred

  • Accessibility: Government has put restrictions on the Brazilian rosewood, and thus, Indian rosewood guitars are accessible to numbers of audience
  • Low-Cost: Due to government regulations, only limited Brazilian rosewood guitars are manufactured which comes at a high price. The Indian rosewood guitar is less expensive
  • Maintenance: The Brazilian guitar is prone to cracking and thus require regular maintenance, on the other hand, Indian rosewood guitar needs less maintenance 

These factors lead to Indian rosewood guitar as the preferred choice. However, a beginner should start with an electric guitar, as they can learn to play by watching tutorials. A fusion guitar with an iPhone dock makes it easy to match the chords and automatically adjust the strings. So, before playing songs on a classical guitar, get accustomed to electric guitar and be ready to rock.