The most common alarming signs coming from your deteriorating roof!

The most common alarming signs coming from your deteriorating roof!

If you could ask for anything in this world, it would be a warning sign of serious disasters coming from above! And that is what literally we are going to talk about today. Do you know that some dangerous onset of problems in your house actually come with a pre-warning? Your roof for instance! The first signs of a giving up roof are actually the messages sent from above that you most probably always ignore. And the consequences of the same are soon visible to you in just a few months.

 It is beyond any doubt that your roof is a super powerful shield that your house requires. But break the myth that it’s just a single layer of shingle or wood. Your roof is actually made up of multiple layers, each having their own distinct importance and function, and is quite tough and thick cumulatively. This makes it a long lasting, protective layer to secure the entire house from any kind of harmful factors like ultraviolet rays, wind, rain, etc. And how serious a damage in this layer can turn out to be, needs no explanations.

Check for these signs to find the clues to a deteriorating roof!

You can’t actually pick a ladder and start climbing it every week to check your roof and the problems there. And most of the time, your roof, once built or repaired by Kowhai painters, a  roof repair service in Hamilton doesn’t show any issues for years. It’s because of their impressive work and years of experience in the field guarantees longer life and stronger built of your roof. But if your roof is too old, or there has been a certain calamity in the place, or any such unfortunate thing, then it would certainly give you some signs. Be sure to read these signs at the appropriate time in order to avoid a bigger issue knocking your roof in this case.

  • Curled or no shingles — When you see (or simply don’t see) the shingles in a tolerably good condition, then it’s time to call the roof repair or building team. Your shingles mostly crack and curl due to ageing, and some even go missing with time. It’s a clear sign of danger and demands attention immediately.
  • Shingle granules in the gutter — Did your gutter cleaner complain of lots of harsh and sharp granules in it? Immediately check if these are the remnants of a broken shingle. You can actually be facing a deteriorating roof and may not be aware of this situation.
  • Patches on ceiling — The ugly, off-white patch on your milky white ceiling is a matter of concern. It may be due to moisture or wetness in that area coming from your roof. And if it has reached this point through the multiple roof layers, then the matter is truly serious.
  • Visible signs of (Water) Leaks — If there are water leakage signs clearly visible inside your home or on your exterior wall, check your roof before anything else. There may be a corner giving up, or a certain section of your roof has a hole in it, causing the leaks.
  • That ray of light — A ray of light in darkness is great unless it enters in your shaded den from the roof. It’s a clear sign of a hole in your roof or shingles going missing from their place.

These are some of the prominent signs of an ageing or problematic roof. There can be more – like, extremely dirty or moulded shingles, a rise in your utility bill, etc. Be sure to stay alert when you see such signs, and immediately act upon the issue and call the experts for repairing the roof. Failing to do this, the matters may worsen and you’ll have to shed a heavy sum in your entire interior repair and decorations later.