Roland Millington

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Live-Touring Musician- Bass, Upright Bass, Vocalist, Vocalist-Background, Vocalist-Lead, Vocalist-Soprano, Vocalist-Alto, Vocalist-Tenor, Vocalist-Baritone,
Studio Musician- Bass, Double Bass, Vocalist, Vocalist-Background, Vocalist-Lead, Vocalist-Soprano, Vocalist-Alto, Vocalist-Tenor, Vocalist-Baritone,
Worship Team- Bass, Vocalist-Background, Vocalist-Blended, Vocalist-Contemporary, Vocalist-Modern, Vocalist-Lead
Level of Expertise:
Years of Experience:
20+ years
Current Gig:
Double Bass and Electric bass
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Alma Mater:
East Peoria Community High School
Additional Training:
Fluent In:
Windows, Mac OS, Adobe Acrobat, Intuit TurboTax, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Dropbox, Facebook Analytics, Google Drive, Adobe Audition, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InCopy, Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas Pro, Cakewalk SONAR, Steinberg Cubase, IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik, Steinberg Absolute VST, Steinberg HALion Sonic 2 Synthesizer, Sugar Bytes Sugar Software, Chord Chart, Figured Bass, Standard Notation, Tablature
My Gear:
1997 Fender Jazz bass - Hipshot extender and Seymour Duncan SJB-3 pickups
2007 Fender Jazz V bass - Seymour Duncan STC-2BO Tone Circuit
2012 Squier Fretless Jazz bass - Wilkinson tuners, brass nut & saddles, Fender American '62RI pickups, Santellan Sounds Elek-Trix controls with Push/Pull Series/parallel pot
1987 Yamaha RBX300 with RBX 200F (fretless) neck, Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders, and a Varitone Tonestyler 10.
Ampeg PF500 bass head
Gallien Krueger BL600 bass head 
dbx 160 compressor
Acoustic B810 bass cab
Acme Low B2 bass cab

2009 Chadwick Folding bass - upright bass - Fishman Full Circle pickup
1933 Juzek upright bass - Underwood piezo pickup (not currently set for touring)

Zoom B9.1ut Bass Multi-effects station
Fishman Platinum Pro Plus Bass preamp
Eden WTDI bass preamp 
About Me:
When I was in my early 20s, I was playing in a band that was very close to getting signed, recording our debut and going on the road. Alas, the label was bought out, and the new owners didn't have any interest in what we had to offer. Then life happened. 

Within a few years, you've started down a career path. You're married. You've got kids. You've got horses and even a little farm. You've got a life and responsibility. And you're OK with that, because it's a good life. Although, some unfinished business still lingers. 

I've played and sang in country bands, rock bands, pop, funk and variety. I played electric bass with a lot of processing and effects and upright bass acoustically for gigs. And I have had a blast with all of it, because in so doing, I've been blessed to meet so many amazing people and musicians. My vocal range (a bit over three and a half octaves, controlled, total) and ability to blend my tonal production has been very helpful to the bands I play in. It's kind of an "every man" voice, and while I'd love to have a more signature vocal, versatility has gotten me a fair amount of gigs, so who's to argue? 

Shuffle forth to this January, I was let go from that career path I mentioned previously. I was fortunate that I was able to eliminate most of my debt prior to that, and live fairly frugally now. Since then, I've done some soul searching and have been very much about personal improvement. I wasn't a bad person before, but I did see ways to get better. I decided to work out more, eat VERY healthy and have been able to make it by so far on my music and my art. I may not be vacationing in the south of France, but we have food on the table and the plumbing still works, so I call that a win. 

But still, there's that unfinished business. 

My wife and I discussed this a couple of months back, and we decided that it would be a good idea for me to pursue this. Our children are old enough, and I'm in good health, with a passport, and a fairly extensive bass and vocal facility, so why not? Ever since then I've been working on my networking with as many connected folks as I know locally and regionally. And decided it was time to sign up on TMG. 

Where will it go from here? Who knows? But it's an adventure worth setting out on. There's a saying that I've taken as a mantra. "I'm coming for everything they said I couldn't have." A bit over 20 years ago, life said I couldn't have a career in music. And that's too bad. 

Because I'm coming for it anyway. 

What people say about me: 
 Pro Audio of Peoria
East Peoria, Illinois To whom it may concern: I am writing to provide a recommendation regarding Roland Millington. I've worked with Roland from both sides of the audience. As a musician in bands I've been hired to run sound for, he's always been on time, prepared and ready to go, whether he was a fill-in or a full band member. He's easy to work with, amiable and is always professional in his demeanor toward the audience, bandmates, sound crew and in how he approaches his individual performance. Please consider Roland in fulfilling your job opening. Any questions please contact me. 

James Feehan
Owner, Pro Audio of Peoria
(309) 472-4696
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May 2017
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